Temporary Queen Bee

by Fictional Friends

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released November 22, 2016

Guitar and lyrics written by Caleb Johnson. Drums written by Ryan Langford. Bass written by Fernando Diaz.

Recorded by Alexander Charos at Yoko Phono Studios in St. Petersburg, FL
Mastered by J Mendicino at Abstract Sound Lab, Allston MA

Thanks to Fernando, Rachel, John, and Ryan for playin' some kick ass shows, I hope you all succeed in everything you choose to do.
Thanks to Danton Reugger for bein the chillest chiller and the best show booker hooker upper man of all time.
Thanks to Jeremy T for designing the shirts.
Thanks to Ryan's neighbors for never once calling the cops on us, or complaining, so chill.
Thanks to Yuengling for keepin us hydrated
And thanks to you for listening.



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Fictional Friends Saint Petersburg, Florida

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Track Name: RATZ
It’s so hot,
my brain is frying up,
but my heart’s still cold enough
to keep on pushing my luck
you know the kids that died?
some will say what a waste of a life,
but me i’m holding a knife
cause i get off watching you cry….

cause us rats don’t mind
no we’ve got better things to do
than to waste our time.

Stuck in my rut
don’t know when i’ll be coming up
and now i’m trapped in between
what i said and what i really mean.
but still you look towards me
looking for some secrecy
but skivvy don’t you see?
you belong to me….

cause us rats don’t mind
no we’ve got better things to do
than to waste our time.
Track Name: Feds
they won’t hear you when you call.
no you won’t make a sound at all.
and the feds are closing in.
and my back’s against the wall.

never found a law that i wouldn’t break,
except for i don’t know probably murder or rape
but killings not murder and that’s a fact,
cause i’ve been killing time and you can’t charge me with that.

The terror you’ll feel when they grab your coat
will have you wishing that your body would float.
but don’t be stupid kid you know it won’t
and no one will find you once they slit your throat.
Track Name: We Will All Go Together When We Go
When you attend a funeral
its sad to think that sooner or later
those you love will do the same for you.
you might’ve thought it rather tragic
not to mention other adjectives
to think of all the weeping they will do
no more ashes no more sackcloth
and an armband made of black cloth
will someday never more adorn a sleeve
for if the bomb that drops on you
gets your friends and neighbors too
the’ll be no body left behind to grieve…

and we will all go together when we go
what a comforting fact that is to know
universal bereavement
an inspiring achievement

we will all go together when we go
all suffused with an incandescent glow
no one will have the endurance
to collect on his insurance so we will

all fry together when we fry
we’ll be french fried potatoes by and by
there will be no more misery
when the world is a rotisserie

oh we will all bake together when we bake
there’ll be nobody present at the wake
with complete participation in that grand incineration
oh we will all

char together when we char
and let there be no moaning of the bar
just sing out a tie deum
when you see that ICBM
and the party will be come as you are.

oh we will all go together when we go
every hottentot and every eskimo
when the air becomes uranius
we will all go simultaneous
so we will….
all go together when we go.
Track Name: Elevator
Have you seen the women?
My god they sure are stylish here.
Well I once drowned while swimming,
but I was sent back and told to enjoy my years
now there’s a man whose knocking at my door
telling me my place would look better with new floors
he spoke of past times, handed me his card and said to
drop him a line

and i just might.

Follow the habit backwards underwater
the boat is vibration
resist the temptation
I feel chill in my elevator
I feel chill in my elevator
I feel chill in my elevator
I feel chill in my elevator
Track Name: Temporary Queen Bee
You got lost everynight
but i couldn’t keep the track of times
its about a quarter till 9
and i’m sitting here watching the paint dry
yeah me well i’m doin fine
just keep me out of the sunshine.

well i’m not here
cause i’m lost in the brainwaves
what do you consider to be a mistake
these days?
temporary queen bee
controlling the whole hive mind mentality.

You got lost every night
but i couldn’t keep the track of times
its about a quarter to 5
and i’m sitting around waiting to die
I think i’ll be alright
just kill me at sunrise.
Track Name: The Thought Police or: How the West Was Lost
Boys don’t grow up
their toys just get bigger
I won’t be your soldier
I don’t care if you’re triggered.
He and she
them and they
I won’t be told
what I can and cannot say.

Well tell me boy,
how should i be?
anyway that you tell me?
"you’ve got to limit your speech
cause you might hurt feelings
and if you want to fit into our club
of people afraid to breathe
we found if you just simply don’t speak
you won’t offend nobody
you can’t offend nobody
cause we’re the thought police."